Welcome to the CCS Bard Alumni Network

The CCS Bard Alumni Network is an online resource for current and former students, faculty, and staff of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College independently initiated and administered by its alumni/ae.

If you are a former student of CCS Bard and need assistance in creating or accessing your account, email support@ccsbardalumni.network. Make sure to include your full name and year of graduation.

If you are a current student of CCS Bard, you will typically be invited to the site in your second year when CCS Bard staff share a list of students with the alumni network administrator. Contact the Graduate Program and Exhibitions Assistant if you have questions about access as a current student.

If you are not affiliated with CCS Bard and would like to share a job posting, you can send it to the Graduate Program and Exhibitions Assistant to be shared.